About Spring Boot Actuator

without Actuator, we face some problems like How can I monitor and manage spring boot applications. How can I check the status of the application? How can I access applications metrics

Spring Boot Actuator

When we use spring boot Actuator properties. these problems resolve automatically. we can easily monitor, manage, status, and metrics our application. We can do more work with Actuator.by default 2 Actuator properties enable when we add Actuator dependency. like /Actuator /info and /Actuator/heath


Endpoints are prefixed with:/actuator


Spring boot Actuator

Name: Description:
/actuator/auditevents Audit events for your application
/actuator/beans List of all beans registered in the Spring application context
/actuator/mappings List of all @RequestMapping paths
/actuator/threaddump All Runing threads in your application
/actuator/env Exposes properties from Springs ConfigurableEnvironment

Exposing Endpoints

  1. By default , Only /health and /info are exposed
  2. To exposed all Actuator endpoints over HTTP
Exposing 2 endpoint(s) beneath base path '/actuator'


#use wildcard  "*" to exposed all endpoints
#Can also exposed individual endpoints with a comma-delimited list	

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