Question: Does Spring Boot Replace Spring MVC,Spring REST etc?

Anwser: no, depending on the project development team. if the team confirmable to develop our project using spring MVC or spring boot. but we can say using spring boot we quickly start our project with more libraries and more feature. Once you do spring Boot configuration then you make use of regular Spring Coding. for example @Component,@Controller,@Autowired ,@RequestMapping ,@GetMapping, @PostMapping etc...

Spring Boot
Spring MVC Spring REST Spring Security
Spring Core Spring AOP Spring Validation
etc... etc... etc...

Example :

Question: Does Spring Boot run code faster than regular Spring code?


  • No.
  • Behind the scenes,Spring Boot uses same code of Spring Framework
  • Remember, Spring Boot is about making it easier to get started
  • Minimizing Configuration etc...

Question: Do I need a special IDE For Spring Boot ?


  • No.
  • You can use any IDE for Spring Boot application... Even Use Plain text editor
  • The Spring team Provides free Spring Toul suite(STS)[IDE Plugins]
  • Some IDEs provide fancy Spring touling Support
  • Not a requirement . Feel Free to use the IDE that works best for you